Five Songs, 7/31/2022
Five Songs

Five Songs, 7/31/2022

The Mooney Suzuki, "Oh Sweet Susanna"

Sometimes, we get a band on here that I just want to describe as "rock". Just rock. This is a rock band, playing a rock song. Rock. You want rock? Have rock.

Yautja, "A Killing Joke"

Yautja is most frequently described as a combination of sludge and grindcore, which are two genres that don't sit very naturally together in my head. There's a monomaniacal relentlessness to grindcore, a commitment to aggression above all else, that doesn't marry to sludge's necessity for timing being key and the flexibility to stretch or compress things. But Yautja makes it work, and it's a unique sound they've assembled. This is from last year's The Lurch, and I recommend it.

Skinny Puppy, "The Choke (Regrip)"

I'm telling y'all, I'm finding myself Puppy pilled again. I should introduce my teenager to them.

Quasimoto, "Greenery"

I just don't really know how to describe Quasimoto. I mean, sure - it's Madlib, channeling his paranoid alter ego Lord Quas, a helium voiced, weed obsessed...thing. But that just scratches the surface. It's a place where Madlib lets loose all of his oddest musical ideas, his dustiest samples, and his dankest loops. I hate to use the word "dank" these days, but I think it really applies here. Everything is about weed, and everything kind of makes you feel like your head is spinning just a little bit.

They Might Be Giants, "Istanbul (Not Constantinople) (Live)"

The other day, I noted that "Istanbul (Not Constantinople)" might be my most listened-to song, and here's one of the reasons: I have a bunch of live versions of it. And I've listened to this record (Severe Tire Damage) a bunch, which adds to my listens of the song.

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