Five Songs, 8/1/2022
Five Songs

Five Songs, 8/1/2022

Non Phixion, "Legacy"

This is from the comp Fat Beats Compilation, Volume 1, a nice release from 2001 of a bunch of cats going mostly pretty old-school. Yes, there are multiple DJ Premier tracks on the comp. It's a fun record, worth just settling back and nodding your head along to.

Death Cab For Cutie, "Grapevine Fires"

As always, I can't really tell Death Cab records apart, other than Transatlanticism. This is not that record, so I dunno, it's from Photos About Narrow Voting Plans or whatever. It's fine, I enjoy this just fine! I'm just going to forget it shortly. This is probably a me problem.

Artificial Brain, "Brain Transplant"

See, it's been sandblasted completed out of my head now. Of course, this ultra-ultra-ultra technical death metal will do that to just about anything. It's a real flenser.

Wiseblood, "Someone Drowned In My Pool (12" Version)"

Wiseblood is J.G. Thirlwell (Foetus, about twenty other aliases) and Roli Mosimann (Swans), putting together an album (Dirtdish) and a few singles. It's more towards the theatrical end of Thirlwell's sound, as I suppose you can hear here. This song in particular was originally the b-side of the "Stumbo" single, which is this 12" version. A different version of the song is also on the album. Are you going to like this? Well, either you're a Foetus fan and are suddenly excited to learn about the existence of an entire album of late-80s work from Thirlwell you didn't know about, or no, you won't.

Oh, and this is far, far from the most repetitive Wiseblood song. Let's hope we don't encounter the most repetitive, which I will refuse to name out of superstition. But it's the b-side to the "Motorslug" single.

Strange Ways, "Hello Eastside"

From deep on Moon Records' bench, these guys put out a couple records and then disappeared. Yeah, you've heard that story a bunch with ska bands from this period, but that's kind of how it went. A record or two on Moon, then one more on some tiny successor label, that's an incredibly common story. Anyway, this record is, well...ok. It's not one of the ones I'd highlight as a hidden gem.

Joshua Buergel
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