Five Songs, 7/7/2021
Five Songs

Five Songs, 7/7/2021

False, "Saturnalia"

The opening to the 2015 album from False (called Untitled, the same as their first EP, because fuck you!), featuring their blend of black metal with other elements like thrash. The stretch around 1:30-2, for example, is pretty thrash-y. The middle section of the song is pretty doom-y. These kinds of passages are a nice change of pace from just the crush of black metal.

Hüsker Dü, "Chartered Trips"

Hüsker Dü's 1984 double-album Zen Arcade was a monumental landmark in the rock underground. It's hard to really call it a hardcore album at this point, it's really moved far beyond it, but so many bands after this would try and sound this good. Everything is still super loud, but the songwriting has stretched much farther than the first couple records indicated they were capable of.

Shining, "Fisheye"

The other day we had that Khlyst album, with one of the people on it being Jørgen Munkeby. Well, here's his real band, Shining, with a track from the magnificent Blackjazz. Listen how good this is! Like a deranged melding of Nine Inch Nails' early period with free jazz and a bit of metal. Love it!

The Smiths, "What She Said"

Meat is Murder is one of the only records that I ever sold off. I decided that the Smiths weren't cool (they're not) but also that I shouldn't listen to them any more, because I wanted to be cool (I was not). I'm not sure why I decided that I cared about that kind of thing, because I've mostly been pretty good about just listening to what I like and owning my dumb tastes. I sold about ten CDs to Eide's Records in Pittsburgh, and regretted it almost instantly. I have subsequently re-acquired pretty much all the records I sold back then, at least the ones I can remember.

Gastr Del Sol, "Blues Subtitled No Sense Of Wonder"

Jazz or post-rock? According to the Post-Rock Test and the credits to this record, there are too many horns. It's jazz! Do I believe that? Hmm...I'm OK with it.

Joshua Buergel
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