Five Songs, 7/8/2021
Five Songs

Five Songs, 7/8/2021

Rancid, "Time Bomb"

I sincerely wish that Rancid made more songs like this. It's just such fun! Who is against this? Other than Rancid, I mean.

Mudhoney, "No End In Sight"

Have we had a lot of Mudhoney recently? It seems like we have. I'm not going to check, though, that would be against the Mudhoney Creed. Which I just made up.

Anyway, not going to analyze this one too deep, this is just a pure ripper in the classic Mudhoney mode. I'll shut up and you enjoy it.

The Hold Steady, "The Sweet Part of the City"

This is from the followup to Stay Positive, a record I really like a lot. Heaven is Whenever included the departure of their keyboardist, and the sound takes a big shift between albums as a result. I miss the keys, and so this album doesn't quite grab me that much. It's pretty good, but it doesn't hang in my head as much.

Superchunk, "Cast Iron"

This is the version from the single, not from No Pocky For Kitty. It's interesting to hear a slightly different take on a song I know so well, even though the album cut is a better go. This version is included in the (excellent) comp Tossing Seeds (Singles 89-91), which you should listen to if you like Superchunk.

Bricks, "A History of Lies"

No, you're not hearing double! It's a Mac side project, a much more stripped down thing than Superchunk. But it still has his guitar work and voice, so it's instantly recognizable.

Joshua Buergel
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