Five Songs, 7/9/2021
Five Songs

Five Songs, 7/9/2021

They Might Be Giants, "Birdhouse In Your Soul"


When I die, and you cut my brain open (which I'm sure somebody will), you'll hear a tiny echo of this song.

Devo, "Be Stiff"

From their landmark Freedom of Choice, which is a hell of a rock album, the one where they added enough synth pop into their sound to break through. But ignore "Whip It", subtract it from the album, and the album would still smoke.

The Mooney Suzuki, "Electric Sweat"

Fuck yeah garage rock! In order to nail garage rock, you have to sincerely go for it. If you hold back at all, it's going to sound fake. But if the band can hit their marks, it's such a blast. Listen to this! I want to blare this from a classic convertible.

Russian Circles, "Kohokia"


Front 242, "Melt"

I sometimes mock Young Josh's obsession with industrial dance, and with good reason! He didn't even dance! Or, like, wear dark clothing and stand around in clubs not dancing! But really, to cut him some slack, some of this stuff still goes. This is pretty good! Cheesy, yes. But pretty fun.

Desmond Dekker, "Pickney Gal"

Oh, that first wave sound! It's 10:39 at night, but I suddenly can feel the warm sun on my face.

This is the first time we've had Desmond before, but I'm tired, so a quick bio will have to wait. He rules!

Joshua Buergel
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