Five Songs, 8/16/2022
Five Songs

Five Songs, 8/16/2022

Swingin' Utters, "Here We Are Nowhere"

A while back, I wrote some code to pull data from Discogs for my collection to see what year albums were released for another project that I was working on. That project might still see the light of day! But I'm wondering if there's some way I could pull data for genres. Discogs doesn't have genre tags in their structured data, but I could scrape the band description for specific words, I suppose. It would be neat to see what percentage of my collection is, say, punk.

Turnstile, "Mystery"

100%, apparently.

The Temptations, "I Wish it Would Rain"

Right, right, forgot about Motown. AKA "the original punk", so still 100%.

McKinley Dixon, "Make a Poet Black"

Sorry, can't keep that bit going. Feels wrong, disrespectful. Although I suppose I should interrogate why I'm willing to poke gentle fun at the Temptations but not a contemporary artist. Probably not good!

The Housemartins, "Hopelessly Devoted To Them"

In the pre-Discogs, pre-Allmusic era, the excitement of discovering about the existence of something like an import-only album for a favorite band was truly electric. Now That's What I Call Quite Good, a comp that was never released here in the US, was one of those discoveries, and one that I couldn't wait to special order. After weeks of waiting, I was absolutely charmed to my core, it was absolutely worth all the hassle to hear some new (to me) Housemartins tunes.

Joshua Buergel
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