Five Songs, 8/15/2022
Five Songs

Five Songs, 8/15/2022

The Queers, "I Like Young Girls"

There are a lot of questions raised by this blog, most of them unanswerable. Foremost among those questions is "why do I have so many damn albums from the Queers?"

American Music Club, "Patriot's Heart"

After ten years apart, during which Mark Eitzel pursued a solo career, American Music Club got back together in 2004 for a new album, Love Songs for Patriots. Not only did they pick up where they left off, they really picked up earlier than that. I like it better than San Francisco, and maybe better than Mercury. I think it has a little more vigor than those two albums, although that's always kind of a relative thing with a band this downbeat.

Common, "Pyramids"

Common's keeps stretching his bars across an extra measure here and there, providing a propulsive feeling to things that really makes this track feel extra urgent. It's such a great feeling.

Slint, "Good Morning, Captain"

Music can transport us to places and times effortlessly, a small part of its magic. This song transports me to my bed in a dorm room with the lights off, lamenting a rejection from a woman that seemed like it was going to completely break my heart.

Samiam, "Capsized"

See, now, are you taking notes, the Queers?

Joshua Buergel
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