Five Songs, 8/19/2023
Five Songs

Five Songs, 8/19/2023

The Atlas Moth, "Smiling Knife"

I've just got this one record from the Atlas Moth, Coma Noir, their most recent. And I guess I like it just fine - this track is kind of fun, with the slippery movement between genres, sounding like noise rock at times, like sludge at times, a bit of post-metal or maybe metalcore here and there. The blend doesn't quite hold up for the whole record, though, and it ends up being the sort of thing where you want a bit more evolution or edge or something. It wasn't quite enough for me to hunt down their previous records.

Elvis Costello, "Chelsea (Fuck It)"

What a delight! The drum intro to this song just rattles through my brain periodically, unbidden. There are worse fates.

Einstürzende Neubauten, "Blume"

Tabula Rasa, to my mind, is the pivot in Neubauten's career. While there have always been moments of relatively quiet contemplation on most of their prior records, it's this record where that contemplation kind of became a full partner to the noise. Yes, Tabula Rasa is most remembered for "Headcleaner", fifteen minutes of cantankerous fury, it's more than balanced by the previous twenty minutes of quieter moments. Those moments are still composed from noise alongside more conventional instrumentation, but the orientation is different. It's not to shock or startle, but to make you think. From here forward, Neubauten records would be more cerebral than caustic, which has probably helped them extend their career as long as it has gone.

Bosse-de-Nage, "-"

A little interstitial from All Fours. Kinda sounds like something Neubauten could have done, maybe.

Couch Slut, "-"

It is here that I realize that when I hit play on all tracks to restart the randomness, I didn't actually have shuffle on. Ah well, nevertheless.

Joshua Buergel
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