Five Songs, 8/20/2023
Five Songs

Five Songs, 8/20/2023

The NY Citizens, "Brooklyn's On Fire"

That is some Saturday Night Live-ass horn work on this tune.

Oh, this is the first time we've had them, huh? The NY Citizens were a pretty early band in the third wave of ska, so this was all before some of the genre boundaries had settled down. As a result, they were much more English Beat than anything else, which wasn't a popular referent for most of the other bands in the third wave.

Young Hunter, "Black Candles"

2012?! This record came out more than a decade ago? It seems like it was yesterday. That means I've been using Bandcamp for about that length of time, and woah, that really doesn't feel right. It seems like I just shifted from CDs to digital, and it really very much has not.

This has been an episode of Gee, Time Sure Does Pass. I hope you enjoyed it.

They Might Be Giants, "Your Racist Friend (Live)"

From The Flood Show, one of two different live versions of the album that I have in the collection. Which doesn't count the two times I've seen them do the album live. Anyway, this song just seems to get more and more pointed with time, I wonder why?

David Bowie, "Sound and Vision"

Has this song been used in a commercial or something? Because it's strange, as I listen to this, I suddenly feel like I'm being sold something. Like a laundry detergent or psoriasis medication or car insurance. It's extremely diseased that I feel like that, mind you.

Ice Cube, "Hello"

I generally don't put "featuring" lines into these entries, because, I dunno, that's just what I do. But it's critical here, because this track is featuring Dr. Dre and MC Ren (and is a Dre production), so this track is an N.W.A reunion track (minus Eazy-E, RIP). This is how War & Peace, Vol. 2: The Peace Disc opened, and it's a fine way to kick things off. Alas, this is the highlight of the record, and nothing else on it really approaches it. So, just enjoy this, and pretend it was just a single.

Joshua Buergel
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