Five Songs, 8/21/2023
Five Songs

Five Songs, 8/21/2023

Quicksand, "Thorn in my Side"

Post-hardcore might be the genre that I enjoy the most that I've lost the most touch with, if that makes sense. There was a time when I listened to more or less all the post-hardcore that there was, devouring it all and staying on top of the scene and bands. When I kind of became dislocated from music a bit in the early 2000s, I lost track of a lot of things, and then as I gradually found ways to stay on top of music in the post-Usenet-and-magazine/pre-social-media era, I just never got traction with any of this stuff again. Is it still being made? Are there still post-hardcore bands out there kicking ass? I'm sure there are, and I'm equally sure I'm unaware of them. Well, you know, other than Quicksand's reunion record.

Trans Am, "Let's Take the Fresh Step Together"

Ah, finally an anthem for group shoplifting kitty litter.

BADBADNOTGOOD, "Signal From The Noise"

Yes, yes, BADBADNOTGOOD very good, love you guys. Whatever, more importantly, I just reminded myself of the Glenn Danzig kitty litter photo. You all have seen it, right?



Rockabye Baby!, "Night Moves"

Dammit, I really need to get rid of this junk from the library. But this is how you can tell that this is really my actual music library, with all the miscellaneous garbage that has rolled up into it like a katamari over the years. And how you know I'm playing this things straight. If I weren't just taking the tracks as they come, I would absolutely edit out the Bob Segar song with frog noises.

Gojira, "Clone"

First song on the first record from metal titans Gojira, this is a good statement of purpose for what's on this record. They're a fairly long ways from where they would end up, with more and more progressive elements finding their way into their sound, to the point that this sounds to me like a totally different band. But even while this is more straightforward than their later material, it's still not just a straight-ahead headbanger, there's plenty of surprises on this record. I think I prefer the later stuff, but it's nice to hear this one pop up.

Joshua Buergel
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