Five Songs, 8/2/2021
Five Songs

Five Songs, 8/2/2021


My music server died the other day, and I kept going. Now, my laptop died. Still here!

Boris, "Tu, la la"

From Heavy Rocks, the 2011 version, and is a good example of Boris at the more tuneful end of things. It's a very solid record, definitely worth listening to if you like Boris.

Prefuse 73, "7th Message"

I think I like Prefuse 73 the best when he's at his most hip-hop influenced. That's one of the reasons his first record is still my favorite, and this song is a great example of what I love. The samples and cuts here are very hip-hop, and add a lot to the tune.

Ed Hall, "Big Head"

Ed Hall was a noise rock band out of Austin, part of the general group of Texas noise rock bands of that era, the most famous of which was the Butthole Surfers. Like the Surfers, Ed Hall spent a lot of time on their records kind of screwing around, but on this record (Motherscratcher), they really got down to business. It's the only one of their records I regularly listen to any more, but it's very good.

Cloud Nothings, "Nothing Without You"

This is from the 2021 record from Cloud Nothings, The Shadow I Remember. It's a record that focuses more on pop songs than their other albums, with a real Wedding Present feel to a bunch of the records. Guest vocals by Macie Stewart on this song give a further impression of that band. It's a very good record, even if it's a little bit of a different path for the band.

Kissing Contest, "Evergreen Goliath"

Hey! Ain't gonna find this on Spotify! Hi, Ficus!

Joshua Buergel
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