Five Songs, 8/3/2021
Five Songs

Five Songs, 8/3/2021

Nots, "Rat King"

Their 2016 album, Cosmetic, is a relatively short record, but it makes up for it with the energy it has. I'm always down for some noisy punk, especially if it's willing to get kind of strange, so of course I was always going to like this.

J-Zone, "Edit These"

Well, I would have played this on the radio for my audience of, like, four.

Ghostface Killah, "Mighty Healthy"

Supreme Clientele is widely regarded as the best Ghostface solo album, which I guess I have trouble arguing too much with. It also demonstrated that Ghostface could thrive even without the RZA doing all the beats, as he only had a few songs on the record. It's still an extremely Wu-Tang-sounding recording, which of course is a good thing, but on later albums Ghostface would explore his sound more. But still, it's just a great record, and still sounds fantastic today.

Melvins, "Toy"

Just a little trifle at the top of The Bootlicker, which then rolls into the ten-minute epic of "Let It All Be". But we just get the intro today, alas.

Horseburner, "Drowning Bird"

Hee hee. Horseburner. Wonder how many iterations they went through before getting there. "Cowcrusher?" "Naw, too close to Cattle Decapitation." "Catlauncher?" "Come on, cats aren't metal." "Dogferno?" "Fuck off, Marc!"

Joshua Buergel
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