Five Songs, 8/4/2021
Five Songs

Five Songs, 8/4/2021

East of the Wall, "Naif"

Hmm, some research shows that I bought this five years ago...and I don't really remember it. It's easy to see why I picked it up, though. Seems kind of up my alley. I guess it probably slipped through the cracks, and I should give it an honest spin.

Has-Lo, "Everything Is"

A delicate song here from Has-Lo, in a contemplative mood. He's good in this mode, though.

μ-Ziq, "Mushroom Compost"

Actually, a lot of similarity between Has-Lo's beat on the previous track and this tune. This is from what I consider to be his best record, Lunatic Harness, a record where he began ranging much more widely across electronic music.

Chokebore, "Coat"

Part of a next generation of Amphetamine Reptile Records artists in the mid-90s, like a lot of the others, Chokebore really moved away from the core noise rock of the label. Like a lot of that generation, though, they weren't really all that fresh, and they didn't really stand out from the rest of the crowd in music at that time.

Boris with Merzbow, "Farewell"

Boris collaborated with Japanese noise maestro Merzbow on 2007's Rock Dream, but it's not the endless punch of noise you might expect. Outside of Merzbow adding some texture and layers in some places, it really comes across as a mid-2000s Boris record - huge amounts of bombast, and the chops to pull it off.

Joshua Buergel
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