Five Songs, 8/20/2022
Five Songs

Five Songs, 8/20/2022

The Mortals, "Hangin' On"

The Mortals played garage rock, like a lot of the Estrus Records bands, but with a little bit more of a greasy edge to things. The reverb and sneer on the vocals give things a twist from just playing it straight up.

Steady Ernest, "Promises"

There's a live-in-studio feel to this tune that suits it well. There's a presence to the horns, they feel organic, and it works well.

The Dirty Nil, "Doom Boy"

I kind of want them to keep that thrashy gallop going from the beginning of this song. I mean, I enjoy a pop punk song as much as the next guy. More, probably. But I guess I kind of want a little bit of thrash right now. I'm not even drinking!

Azymuth, "Castelo (version 1)"

I could just listen to those drums go for forever. Or at least, I think so, before the rest of the music jumps in. looks at hand Huh, that's weird, where did that Harvey Wallbanger come from?

Negativland, "A Rash of Rabid Skunks"

This is from one of those recorded radio shows released as an album. Specifically Over the Edge, Volume 6: The Willsaphone Stupid Show. Just let the phrase "Willsaphone Stupid" roll around in your brain a little bit, it's a real pleasure.

Joshua Buergel
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