Five Songs, 8/19/2022
Five Songs

Five Songs, 8/19/2022

Bricks, "History of Lies"

I think this might be a repeat, but I'm gonna be honest - it's a little hard to tell with Bricks songs. Let's check.

OH MY GOD, this is the fourth time this song has come up! And we've never had another Bricks song from this record. This is the first tune, so that feeds into my pet theory that the Plex randomizer prefers the first track of albums.

Lambchop, "The Old Gold Shoe"

Another first album track. Coincidence??? IT CANNOT POSSIBLY BE

Jon Bap, "Come Back Home"

A throwaway, but at least it's not the first track on this album.

Wilco, "Either Way"

I've mentioned before that I've gradually warmed to Sky Blue Sky. That warmth has reached the point where I'd probably put this record very close to the front of their albums. Probably not past Summerteeth or Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, but very close. Oh, probably not ahead of Being There. Dang, Wilco was really good for awhi...WAIT A MINUTE THIS IS THE FIRST TRACK

GosT, "Garruth"

I cannot describe this, I'm too distracted by my crappy randomizer. Now I want to do data analysis on this stupid blog to see which ordinal number all the songs on here are.

Joshua Buergel
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