Five Songs, 8/21/2021
Five Songs

Five Songs, 8/21/2021

Pinback, "How We Breathe"

Well, that's very pretty.

Here Lies Man, "Collector of Vanities"

A side project of Antibalas folks, Here Lies Man plays a meld of Afrobeat and psychedelic rock, often to pretty solid effect. This is from their latest, Ritual Divination, which pushes a little more towards the rock end of things, so depending on your preferences it's either the place to start or the place to end up.

Atmosphere, "Yesterday"

Love that Gladys Knight & the Pips loop in this song! Reminds me a lot of Scarface's "On My Block", although it's obviously a different loop. Probably my favorite song from this album.

Sufjan Stevens, "In This Temple As In The Hearts of Man For Whom He Saved The Earth"

Charter member of the "takes longer to type the name of than to listen to" club! Also, I don't think I've once typed his name properly on the first try. My brain inserts an "r" into his first name every time, which I then have to erase.

Baseck, ""

Well, if you won't name it, I won't talk about it! I guess I'm crabby today. We're done here!

(Upon downloading, it looks like it's named "TQ5", but when it came up in my player, it had no name. Nobody cares! We're actually done here now!)

Joshua Buergel
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