Five Songs, 8/23/2021
Five Songs

Five Songs, 8/23/2021

Eggs, "The Government Administrator"

Eggs was one of the Teenbeat bands, making indie pop at a time when that was pretty uncommon, running straight against the current of grunge and heavy rock that was dominating taste at the time. A lot of these bands also valued being very clever in their tunes, sometimes a bit too much. At any rate, this comes from the singles comp, 'How Do You Like Lobster?' A Collection of Crustaceans and Flotsam, the title of which kind of makes the point. For all that, they could really write some solid tunes, and I actually like this comp the most out of their records.

Rusted Root, "Drum Trip"

Jam band (kinda) from Pittsburgh, Rusted Root played a lot of shows while I went to school there, but honestly, I'm not sure I saw them more than once or twice. I also think that this isn't an album I bought, so let's listen together!

Buck-o-Nine, "My Town"

I think I described Buck-o-Nine as a big Labrador last time, and I'm still comfortable with that description. This song just wants you to be happy!

The Staple Singers, "(Sittin' On) The Dock of the Bay"

A lovely tribute to one of the architects of soul from another of the pillars of the community.

Melvins, "At a Crawl"

From the second Melvins full-length, Ozma, the album where they really put their thesis together. While they were still very much ascending and figuring things out, they demonstrated what they were about to become with this record. The potential was realized on the next record, Bullhead, which is one of the genre trend setters.

Joshua Buergel
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