Five Songs, 8/24/2021
Five Songs

Five Songs, 8/24/2021

Wasted Shirt, "Double the Dream"

Wasted Shirt is Brian Chippendale (Lightning Bolt) and Ty Segall, playing the sort of demented noise duo rock that Chippendale in particular is known for. There's only one album of it, called Fungus II, but it's well-worth picking up if you're a Lightning Bolt fan.

Prefuse 73, "See More Than Just Stars"

From Prefuse 73's 2015 album, Rivington Não Rio, an album that strikes me as more tuneful and a little tamer than his earlier work. Still pretty good, though, although I generally prefer the more chaotic stuff.

Pinegrove, "Angelina"

Pinegrove broke through with 2016's Cardinal, a lovely album that was one of my favorites of that year. I was excited to see what they'd follow it up with, but the band went into turmoil with abuse allegations coming out against the lead singer. He seemed to respond reasonably well, with a genuine apology, some real remorse, and therapy. It did take the band a while to make their next record, though, and when it finally emerged in 2019, a little bit of the magic was gone. It's still a good record, but it doesn't seem quite as dialed in as the first one.

The Twilight Singers, "Into the Street"

Twilight as Played by the Twilight Singers, an album by the Twilight Singers, is a Jacobs by Marc Jacobs-ass album name.

Kid Koala, "One"

From his soundtrack to the Floor Kids video game, which I've never gotten around to playing. But the soundtrack is fun!

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