Five Songs, 8/27/2021
Five Songs

Five Songs, 8/27/2021

Felt, "Bass For Your Truck"


The Smiths, "Is It Really So Strange?"

I really need to get to the point where my kid can have visitors again, because I really want to try and mortify them by singing along to the Smiths really loud.

Belle and Sebastian, "Electronic Renaissance"

It's tracks like this one that really demonstrate that Belle and Sebastian were still very much learning how things worked with their first album, Tigermilk, which was literally a university project. Luckily, they didn't convince themselves that this sort of thing was their future.

Public Enemy, "Burn Hollywood Burn"

On an album full of incendiary tracks, including some controversial stuff, this track stands out as the most literally incendiary. It also contains a couple relatively rare guest appearances, which didn't happen much on early PE records. And Ice Cube (and especially) Kane tear it up! Just a real standout all around.

Turkey Mallet, "Captain V"

Got a real rarity here for you today! Turkey Mallet played kinda ska, kinda carnival-y, kinda-rock music, putting out a single album on Immune Records, a label that I mostly know for putting out a solid Buck-o-Nine record and an excellent Unsteady record. Anyway, I don't think anybody heard this, and this is all they put out. Excellent band name, though!

The Nation of Ulysses, "Maniac Dragstrip"

Oh, hell yeah. Goddamn, why don't I listen to this album more often? What is wrong with me?

Wait, that was rhetorical!

Joshua Buergel
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