Five Songs, 8/26/2021
Five Songs

Five Songs, 8/26/2021

Tar, "G7"

Well, I just mentioned Amphetamine Reptile Records the other day! Here's one of my favorite bands from that label, but in their post-AmRep days. They put out two albums and an EP on AmRep and then left to put out some tunes for Touch & Go, producing the same amount of music (two albums and an EP). This comes from the first thing they put on Touch & Go, Clincher, the aforementioned EP. The notable thing about it was that the production was less murky than their earlier stuff, which allowed some of the grooviness that got lost to come forward. While on balance, I prefer the AmRep stuff, their final record for Touch & Go (Over and Out) is brilliant stuff. Tar was good! More people than me should remember them! I still have a shirt I bought at a show of theirs in 1992!

Girls Against Boys, "In Like Flynn"

Hey, another Touch & Go record! From the same year! Girls Against Boys were always a more rhythmic band than some of their contemporaries, perhaps due to their dual-bass lineup. Although Cop Shoot Cop had two basses too. Well, whatever! At any rate, Venus Luxure No. 1 Baby is probably my favorite record from them.

Monobody, "Exformation"

Math rock or jazz? [squints] Better move on, just to be sure.

Treepeople, "Low"

By the time the Treepeople hit Actual Re-Enactment, their final record, Doug Martsch had left the band to form Built to Spill, and his first great record (There's Nothing Wrong With Love) came out the same year as this one. And, well, it was clear that the Treepeople missed Martsch more than he missed them. It's just an OK album, and can safely be skipped.

Five Style, "Mythical Numbers"

What the hell, is this some kind of test here, with the jazz-adjacent math rock stuff? I'm not falling for it! I don't know shit about jazz!

Joshua Buergel
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