Five Songs, 8/27/2023
Five Songs

Five Songs, 8/27/2023

The Slackers, "Sabina"

To start off on the right foot here, the Slackers don't have any bad records. But they have ones I love more than others. The Great Rocksteady Swindle didn't totally resonate with me initially, so I didn't listen to it much. But I decided to rock it hard for a week or so, playing it every night, for reasons that are unclear to me. Great decision as it turns out. The record is a banger, an upper tier record from them, up next to Wasted Days and Redlight.

Naked City, "The Prestidigitator"

This is the track I play for people when I want them to really understand the real lunacy of Naked City. How is this only 48 seconds?

Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats, "A Little Honey"

You know, I couldn't remember acquiring this thing. That's not that unusual around here, sometimes I go on binges and forget to listen to everything. So it goes. But I don't have any record of this on Bandcamp, which is stranger. And the record seems to be on Stax, and it seems like I'd remember getting it because I'd be excited that Stax was back in business (without checking, I'm assuming someone bought the brand and is just cashing in on it?). Anyway, the mystery was solved by searching my email - a friend got an extra download code for this, and sent it to me. And I dutifully downloaded, loaded it onto the ol' Plex, and then...forgot to listen to it. Plus ça change and all that.

Hi-Tek, "The Sun God"

Hi-Tek was the DJ in Black Star, which means his place in history was assured just for that. Most of his post-Black Star work has been as Reflections Eternal, with fellow Black Star alumnus Talib Kwali. But he's done a few solo albums, working with a bunch of guest stars on them, like Common on this track. If you like Hi-Tek's work, they're worth tracking down for sure.

Blacks' Myths, "No Escape"

I...think I'm not qualified to talk about this?

Joshua Buergel
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