Five Songs, 8/28/2022
Five Songs

Five Songs, 8/28/2022

Calexico, "Heart of Downtown"

This comes from Calexico's Christmas album, Seasonal Shift. The major concession here is that the guitar line is a little more filled out, and there's a little bit fuller chorus. It's a Calexico song otherwise, which is a perfectly good thing.

Mastodon, "Divinations"

Crack the Skye is Mastodon at its most Mastodon-y, with their prog-metal thing reaching a logical endpoint. They'd back off a bit from this sound later, but I kind of wish they hadn't. I want a band to just keep getting more and more elaborate and decorated. I want them to get ten albums in and have the whole damn thing be totally unparseable by normal humans. Have it sound like it fell to Earth from outer space.

Silkworm, "Xian Undertaker"

By the time of their last album, It'll Be Cool, Silkworm was stretching out more often. The album is the sound of a band gracefully settling in to a comfortable middle age, heading wherever they chose. I wish we could have gotten more from them, but I treasure the records that we did get.

Foetus, "Warm Leatherette"

Geez, leave it to Foetus to come up with a title as disquieting as "warm leatherette".

I'm feeling today, though, let's see if shuffle can stick the landing.

Gorguts, "Le Toit du Monde"

Oh yeah, I suppose Gorguts kinda did the unparseable thing, huh?

Joshua Buergel
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