Five Songs, 8/29/2022
Five Songs

Five Songs, 8/29/2022

Vaz, "The 2nd"

Every now and again I encounter a record that I can't seem to be able to buy on digital, but is available on physical media. Usually it's some older release that nobody has bothered putting onto digital marketplaces, but sometimes there will be some new vinyl-only release by somebody. Or worse, cassette-only. Chartreuse Bull was one of those when I first bought it, although it subsequently showed up on Bandcamp. But included in the LP when I bought it was a code to download a digital copy, and I appreciate that so much, thank you to their label.

Arctic Monkeys, "Flourescent Adolescent"

I always forget about these guys. I like both of the albums I have from them, and nevertheless just forget they exist. I should figure out some way of reminding me to visit the dustier corners of my music collection.

Ugly Casanova, "So Long For the Holidays"

A supergroup featuring most prominently Isaac Brock (Modest Mouse), Ugly Casanova just released this one record. Brock made up some story about the lyrics being ones from songs a fan performed for them backstage one day before fleeing, but the story was probably a fabrication. It winds up just kind of sounding like Brock working out some tunes that weren't quite ready for a Modest Mouse record.

Ice Cube, "Hello"

I don't list feature artists in the headers here, but this song (the opener of War & Peace, Vol. 2 (The Peace Disc)) is notable for those featured artists: Dr. Dre and MC Ren. In other words, this is the N.W.A reunion (minus Eazy-E, RIP) finally happening after a dozen years. Alas, while this track is good, the rest of the record doesn't live up to it, nor are there any other reunion tracks.

Black Happy, "Chicken in a Biscuit"

I think at any given time, every region has its own beloved party bands that locals who go to lots of shows adore and nobody else does. I kind of miss having one of those bands.

Joshua Buergel
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