Five Songs, 8/30/2022
Five Songs

Five Songs, 8/30/2022

L'altra, "Slow as Cake"

Is cake slow? I don't think of cake as a particularly slow food. I suppose it takes a while to pre-heat the oven, bake the thing, let it cool, and then decorate it. So...maybe they are slow. But they're not what I think of when I think of slow food. Beyond the obvious molasses, I think of, say, smoking things as slow.

The band Cake isn't really slow either.

Samiam, "Calloused"

Samiam isn't slow either.

Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band, "Pimp"

For the most part, I take a dim view of rap songs getting covered in other genres. Mostly because a lot of it seems to be a winky sort of "aren't I a stinker" kind of thing. If I've heard my last sensitive acoustic cover of a hardcore rap song, I'll be delighted. That said, something like this, where it's instrumental and a totally different style, I don't mind this at all. Here, the fact that this is a 50 Cent song is just an amusing side note.

Shining, "Burn It All"

Jørgen Munkeby has taken Shining more and more towards industrial over the years even since Blackjazz started in that direction. International Blackjazz Society, two albums later, has him really mining the industrial vein pretty thoroughly. If I had heard this in 1991 as a Wax Trax! release, I would have been very impressed but I would not have considered it a big change in direction for the label.

Superchunk, "Rainy Streets"

I really need to revisit this album. When it came out, I just thought Superchunk sounded tired, but now I am also tired, so it might resonate more.

Joshua Buergel
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