Five Songs, 8/5/2022
Five Songs

Five Songs, 8/5/2022

The Roots, "The Show"

While I really like their later work, Rising Down is probably the last record I consider a truly great Roots record. It's hard to say it's their best, given how much I love Things Fall Apart and Game Theory (and Phrenology), but if it's not quite there, it's very, very close. It's super focused and the band knows exactly what they're doing. It feels like it didn't get a ton of attention, but it should have, it's awesome.

Meat Beat Manifesto, "Dogstar Man / Helter Skelter"

This is the central track of 99%, sort of the best demonstration of their merger of the noises of industrial dance with the rhythms of hip-hop. The album as a whole is a bit uneven, but there's an enthusiasm to it that has helped it age OK. Probably not the record to start with, though - their later work is more accomplished, and their earlier work is rawer, depending on your preferences.

Melvins, "At a Crawl"

A perfect song title, it's got that classic Melvins sound, 10/10 no notes.

The Smiths, "Panic"

♫ Burn down Five Songs / hang the blessed blogger ♫

Yazz Ahmed, "Jamil Jamal"

Jazz, my one weakness!

Joshua Buergel
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