Five Songs, 8/6/2022
Five Songs

Five Songs, 8/6/2022

Big Audio Dynamite II, "The Globe"

Well, this is quite a time capsule, isn't it? This whole early 90s thing of guitar dance music really didn't age especially well, although at this point, there's a certain goofy try-hard charm to this, with all the little samples and bits floating in and out.

Swallowed, "Black Phlegm"

Silly Swallowed. Black is for bile, not for phlegm! That's colorless! Metal bands should really know medieval medicine better than this.

Girl Talk, "I Want You Back"

Before he became known for ultra-smooth, ultra-quick mashups, Girl Talk put out a couple albums of much more noisy mashups. They're still assembled out of the raw material of other songs, but there's a lot more manipulation of the source material, and a lot more injected noise and chaos. It's a pretty different experience, less of a nostalgia bomb and more of a challenging listen, but I still like 'em.

Minutemen, "Take 5, D."

Just some fuckin' around, gotta let D. Boon take a break.

Nine Inch Nails, "Not Anymore"

By 2017, Atticus Ross was an official member of Nine Inch Nails, and this was the middle release of a trio of EPs. This is maybe the most like NiN's classic records of the three, although it does end with a twelve minute thing, so maybe not. They're all strong releases, and if you haven't been paying attention to NiN's later output, this is a decent starting spot.

Joshua Buergel
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