Five Songs, 8/8/2022
Five Songs

Five Songs, 8/8/2022

The Clash, "I Fought The Law"

The US release of The Clash had a different track listing than the original release, swapping in some songs from UK singles onto the album in place of some of the weaker tunes. Overall, it's probably a better version of the record, with "I Fought The Law" being one of the additions to the record.

Gas Huffer, "The Rest of Us"

Gas Huffer spent three albums in the majors...well, the high minors, with albums out on Epitaph. But then they went back to their roots: Estrus Records, Jack Endino on the boards, and back to wall-to-wall garage rock. The return to their basics suited them well, it's a strong record, although I suppose nobody really listened to it. I guess it's relative: their last Epitaph record has 25 ratings on Rate Your Music, compared to 7 for this album. So, nobody really listened to either of them. It's a shame, Gas Huffer was good!

The Counts, "What's Up Front That Counts"

A forgotten funk record from 1971 out of Detroit, they only had a few records, and I've only ever listened to this one. But it's a beast, with that kind of funk/rock hybrid sound from the early 70s creeping in a bit here and there, but mostly going in whatever direction they want. Stretched out, a little bit stoned, but always feeling good, it's a great album that should be better known.

The Staple Singers, "I'll Take You There"

Oh my goodness! fans self

Future of the Left, "Johnny Borrell Afterlife"

Good list today!

Joshua Buergel
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