Five Songs, 8/9/2022
Five Songs

Five Songs, 8/9/2022

Autolux, "Becker"

Hm. What is this? I like it! I don't remember buying it, that's all. I suspect I picked it up in a sweep of year end lists and then forgot about it. It's good! Looks like there's a connection with Failure here, but I don't know if that's why I got it. Anyway, enjoy!

Krallice, "Set"

This is from Krallice's 2020 release Mass Cathexis. Cathexis is one of those words that must disproportionately appear in a metal context - it sounds badass and nobody knows what it means. I mean, I've never seen it outside of a metal context! But I must be misremembering things, it looks like only three albums with the word in it, and 12 songs, none of which I'm familiar with other than this album.

kid606, "Secrets 4 Sale"

kid606's Down With The Scene appeared on Mike Patton's Ipecac Recordings, and Patton himself showed up on this track. The glitchy experimental electronic music is outside of Patton's usual bailiwick, although I suppose he'll lend his voice to anything as long as it's weird.

Doughboys, "Every Bit Of Nothing"

Melodic punk out of Canada, the Doughboys cranked out a half-dozen albums in relative obscurity. At least, here in the States, I have no idea how big they were in Canada. Anyway, it's perfectly pleasant if not especially memorable.

Andrew Bird, "Tin Foiled"

I saw Andrew Bird the other day! My view was, uh, less than ideal.

Andrew Bird's legs, but not any other part of him.

Joshua Buergel
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