Five Songs, 8/9/2023
Five Songs

Five Songs, 8/9/2023

Polvo, "The Fighting Kites"

Polvo's final album from their first run, Shapes, had kind of a cool reception as I recall. I know personally that I felt like it was a step back from the previous couple albums. But now, a couple decades later, I find myself listening to it more than the rest of their records. So, is it just a more subtle, more challenging record that requires more maturity and sophistication to appreciate? Was I just a dumbass back then? The answer is: I am not more sophisticated and I'm still a dumbass, so I suspect it's just novelty? Relative novelty, anyway.

Samiam, "You Looking At Me"

You know what a problem with the "Lost 90s Gem" tag will be? It'll be on, like, 80% of the posts around here. I'm not sure Polvo counts as a lost gem, because they have always maintained a critical reputation as a great band. But Samiam? Definitely counts, love that melodic punk. They're good. A certified Lost 90s Gem! That's the Five Songs Guarantee!

Riverdales, "Fun Tonight"

Riverdales are Ben Weasel's side project of Ramones worship, who are different from his main band of Ramones worship, Screeching Weasel, because...uh. Anyway, there are a bunch of Riverdales records, but I have just this one, because, you know, I also have Ramones records.

Arcade Fire, "Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels)"

The first song on the first Arcade Fire record know what? I'm not doing this. You all know who the Arcade Fire are. Here you go. Enjoy?

Digital Underground, "The Humpty Dance"

NOW we're fuckin' talking. No twee Canadians around here! Yes, this is a novelty record in a lot of ways, but what makes it work is that it's shameless, it's genuinely funny, the tracks seriously bump, and the rhymes are agile. It's a fine rap record, setting aside the fact that it is goofy as hell. Or even because it's goofy as hell.

Anyway, I still know every line of this song, and can definitely bust it out on demand, in case anybody is wondering. It's very fun to rhyme along with it while cooking.

Joshua Buergel
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