Five Songs, 9/1/2021
Five Songs

Five Songs, 9/1/2021


Yet another perfect month in the books! The magic date is 10/29, which is the last time I missed a daily update. It would be pretty cool to go a full calendar year without missing one, honestly.

Lungfish, "Non Dual Bliss"

The repeated opinion of the Five Songs cognoscenti is the Lungfish is kinda boring. Like, this song is pretty good...for the first couple minutes. But it doesn't really evolve, and the groove isn't so interesting that it can support six minutes.

Jack O'Nuts, "Chivalrick"

Well, got ourselves another rarity here! Jack O'Nuts were a noise rock band from Georgia who were active in the early 90s, producing one LP, an EP (this one), and a few singles. They never particularly got any traction and were pretty quickly forgotten, but this is good stuff. Having a woman singing in noise rock is a relative rarity, and even more rare when she's not just howling.

The Dambuilders, "Dose"

Every time the Dambuilders come up here, I'm reminded how much this shit smokes. This EP (Tough Guy Problem) is outright one of the best underground rock records of the early 90s.

The Lion's Daughter, "Suicide Market"

Sorta prog-metal, sorta industrial, this kind of occupies the same rough space as Shining does. But there's a dourness to it that really leaves me kind of cold. This sort of melding should feel anarchic, and it's not.

Black Eyes, "Drums"

I always get Black Eyes and Black Dice confused in my head. Until the music starts, and then I instantly remember.

God, I just went to add the tags, and put in Black Dice instead of Black Eyes. I'm pathetic!

Joshua Buergel
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