Five Songs, 9/2/2021
Five Songs

Five Songs, 9/2/2021

Pardoner, "Silly String"

There's something extremely early 90s about Pardoner's sound on this track. It sounds like a lost track from a C/Z Records band, or maybe like some old Dinosaur Jr. track from the vault. That, of course, means I'm totally delighted by it.

Marvin Gaye, "Pride and Joy"

A single from 1963, with some jaunty piano really driving things here. A real charmer!

Gold Class, "Life As a Gun"

EXTREMELY post-punk stuff here out of Australia. There's sort of a Discord feel to the guitars, and almost a Joy Division feel to the singing, which is a pretty potent combination. This is from their first album, It's You, which is a pretty solid record.

Gorilla Biscuits, "(untitled)"

The CD release of Start Today had a whole bunch of these "songs", all of them just little blurts of noise that last a few seconds.

Foetus, "Stood Up"

From the 2010 album Hide, this is just about as pop as Foetus ever gets. And you still have to squint awfully hard. But this is almost like a Bond theme, kinda? Which kinda rounds up to something sorta popular? I guess? I'm not sure what point I'm making here.

Joshua Buergel
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