Five Songs, 9/11/2017
Five Songs

Five Songs, 9/11/2017

Where else can you get a TMBG kids' song and a wordless Negativland piece?

De La Soul, "De La Orgee"

So, uh, 14-year-old Josh was PRETTY BIG into this song. I actually greatly preferred the second half of 3 Feet High and Rising, and would usually play it over and over again. Not just because this was on it, of course, but the second half also started with my favorite song from them ("Say No Go"), had "Plug Tunin'" and "My Myself and I", and, um, "Buddy". I'm just saying, I was 14.

They Might Be Giants, "I Made A Mess"

From Why?, the most recent kids' album that TMBG have put out, which has more in common with No! than the other kids' records. Because it's got a variety of stuff on it, rather than being based around a theme, I find it to be one of the most enjoyable of the kids' records.

El-P, "Habeas Corpses (Draconian Love)"

El-P is, rightly, famous these days for being half of the mighty Run the Jewels. But those majestic albums didn't come out of nowhere, and El-P has been making interesting, futuristic beats for ages. This is from I'll Sleep When You're Dead, a 2007 release that saw El-P teaming up with a variety of guests to make a great album. If you love Run the Jewels but haven't checked out El-P's solo work, this album is probably the place to start.

The Minders, "Paper Plane"

Man, I totally can't remember what I said about the Minders last time. Lesse..."weightless, forgettable pop".

Negativland, "Only You Can Rock Me"

This is a piece from Deathsentences of the Polished And Structurally Weak. Note I didn't say song, because it's not really a song. This album, which has no lyrics but instead just relies on found sounds and samples, is ostensibly related to a bunch of letters supposedly found in various fatal car wrecks. If that sounds dark, that's because it is.

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