Five Songs, 9/11/2023
Five Songs

Five Songs, 9/11/2023

Spawn of Possession, "Bodiless Sleeper"

Every time Spawn of Possession has come up here I've mostly just complained about it. It's all just from the same record, and you know what? Let's move on.

Nicole Willis & the Soul Investigators, "No One's Gonna Love You"

A little harsh there, don't you think? No one is going to love me? My dog thinks I'm pretty neat.

Jackintosh Plus, "Desert Rider"

Hey, it's my buddy Jack Grimes! He did the logo for this joint, hire him for your graphics needs!

SiR, "That's Alright"

I should clarify: any misuse of that logo is entirely my fault, and not his.

Wilco, "Jesus, Etc."

It used to bother me a little when people would refer to Wilco as extremely dad rock. My brain would rebel a little - no, they're interesting! They're descended from Uncle Tupelo, who were super cool, and...then I realize that I'm a dad, listen to a lot of Wilco, and they're mostly just kinda mellow and pleasant and yeah, this is basically CCR but for my generation.

Joshua Buergel
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