Five Songs, 9/12/2023
Five Songs

Five Songs, 9/12/2023

James Brown, "I Got You (I Feel Good)"

There's a certain strange thing that goes on in my head around timelines. This song was first released in an early version in 1964, and it absolutely does not seem like it should be contemporaneous with, say, A Hard Days Night. Or Eddie Holland's "Just Ain't Enough Love" to pick an example of what Motown was up to at this time. As a consequence, the timelines for funk and soul are just completely disconnected in my brain from those of rock. I can get the progressions of both straight in my head, within their own milieu, but when I think about what they were each doing at the same time, it just doens't fit, like a miscut jigsaw.

Ghostface Killah, "Intro"

Among all of Ghostface's intro tracks, this is undeniably one of them.

Mary Wells, "You Beat Me To The Punch"

Or, you know, this is from two years earlier, before the Beatles had even released an album. Doesn't make sense!

The Clash, "English Civil War"

OK, one more, then I'll stop. Give 'Em Enough Rope is from the same year as The Motor Booty Affair.

I recognize that writing about how old various things are is hacky as hell. Alas, so is this blog.

Buck 65, "Part 12"

This is from King of Drums, his 2022. Hip-hop out of Nova Scotia. Will wonders never cease?

Joshua Buergel
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