Five Songs, 9/13/2022
Five Songs

Five Songs, 9/13/2022

Slant 6, "Semi-Blue Tile"

Why do we make songs longer than a minute? What's the point?

Weezer, "Smile"

OK, this track is from something called Blue / Green / Red, and I swear to you, I did not get this album from anywhere. I wouldn't do that to myself. One hypothesis is that if you have a few Weezer albums stored together, they'll begin reproducing. Left to their own devices, eventually a pile of Weezer records will produce self-titled records named after colors not even known to mankind.

A quick look at Discogs suggests this is some digital-only comp, which probably means that it got smuggled onto some device I once owned, via some dark marketing deal, and then it probably got swept up by some promiscuous scanner to add to my library without my consent. And there it will remain forever, because I am too lazy to purge it.

Rites of Spring, "Persistent Vision"

Hell yeah, much better.

Skull Snaps, "My Hang Up Is You"

The self-titled Skull Snaps record is a legendary album in hip-hop circles thanks to some very famous drum breaks. I guarantee you've heard the opening drums of "It's A New Day" a zillion times. The record itself is a solid piece of funk with some nice soul touches, plenty enjoyable on its own even beyond the drums.

Roni Size / Reprazent, "Heavy Rotation"

Sorry, nothing around here is on heavy rotation. Light rotations only!

Joshua Buergel
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