Five Songs, 9/14/2023
Five Songs

Five Songs, 9/14/2023

Rocket From The Crypt, "Good Bye"

RFTC almost in a Smashing Pumpkins kind of mode here. Can't decide which band would be more insulted by that comparison.

Señor Coconut, "Pisco Control (Jive Electico)"

Señor Coconut's album of Kraftwerk covers done in a Latin style is a delight, a charming re-interpretation of the Kraftwerk originals that really highlights the beating heart at the center of those shiny, robotic songs. Alas, the first Señor Coconut record (this one, El Gran Baile) is sort of a testing ground for some of those ideas of merging electronic music with Latin style, and it's not nearly as much fun.

The For Carnation, "A Tribute To"

Are you listening to this and thinking to yourself, geez, that singing sure seems familiar. Maybe for some reason it's bringing to mind memories of sitting around in a dark dorm room in 1993, feeling super sorry for yourself? Well, there's a simple reason: yes, that's Brian McMahan, ex-Slint (and ex-Squirrel Bait). The For Carnation is his post-rock follow-up, and with that description, you've already decided if you're in or not. To the music, not the dark dorm room in 1993.

Nickel Creek, "Celebrants"

Hang on, Nickel Creek released an album in 2023? The things you learn around here.

Therapy?, "Potato Junkie"

Dang, this is taking me back to a different dorm room, only in 1992. It's not as dark, though.

Joshua Buergel
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