Five Songs, 9/15/2023
Five Songs

Five Songs, 9/15/2023

Prince Paul, "A Prince Among Thieves"

Hearing this song out of context, the climax/punchline of Prince Paul's briliant album A Prince Among Thieves, really is kind of jarring. It makes so much sense in the original context but is a strange one outside of it. It just kind of sounds like what it is parodying, a maudlin tribute song from the 90s.

Chokebore, "Line Crush"

This is from the comp Clusterfuck '94, a collection of singles, album tracks, and unreleased stuff from three bands (Chokebore, Today Is The Day, and Guzzard) that was intended to fund a tour. It's really pretty unnecessary, especially when you have most of the material on here with other records. But, you know: in '94, I didn't have the ability to look stuff up easily, so I bought it. I bought basically everything Amphetamine Reptile released, just as a policy. Anyway, Chokebore is the least interesting of these three bands, but this track is OK.

John Oswald, "O'hell (Sir Jim Moron)"

Hee hee.

Boy, I can't understand why record labels had a problem with this!

The Jesus Lizard, "Elegy (Live)"

This comes to us from Show, which like most live albums, is unnecessary. I have all of their studio records, and I'd rather just listen to those.

Los Hooligans, "Traditions"

Los Hooligans came along fairly late in Moon Ska's existence and dropped one of the best records that they released in that period. Lots of horns, plenty of ska influence, but also lots of jazz, Latin music, even a bit of swing. It's a fun blend, they're clearly having lots of fun, and the horns are luscious throughout. Really a lost gem of the third wave. I was going to say that it was their only release, but no, Discogs says they also released a record in 2005 that I've never heard of. I might try and track that one down.

Joshua Buergel
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