Five Songs, 9/15/2021
Five Songs

Five Songs, 9/15/2021

The Fiery Furnaces, "South is Only a Home"

Brother and sister duo the Fiery Furnaces kind of epitomize a certain quirky, challenging strain of indie band. They're restless, always searching for new sounds, and often end up being kind of difficult as a result. It's all for good reasons, it's not just experimentation for the sake of experimentation, but it does require some concentration to really pick up.

Mudhoney, "Magnolia Caboose Babyshit"

A lively instrumental from their debut self-titled LP, this is actually one of my favorite songs on the record. Not that I don't love Mark Arm's singing, but they're just in and out on this one, getting the point across in a tidy 1:07. Great stuff.

μ‐Ziq, "Cleaning"

This just came out, a few months ago! I haven't had much time to really absorb it yet, so I dunno, have a listen to it.

Sannhet, "Secondary Arrows"

I wonder what area has produced the most music I listen to? First guess would be New York City (Sannhet is based in Brooklyn), but honestly, it wouldn't shock me if it turned out to be Northern California in the end. Seems unlikely it's anywhere else, unless I'm missing something really obvious.

They Might Be Giants, "Robot Parade (adult version)"

Not THAT kind of adult version!!!

Can I just say Working Undercover For The Man is a solid name for an EP?

Joshua Buergel
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