Five Songs, 9/14/2021
Five Songs

Five Songs, 9/14/2021

Negativland, "Announcement"

You know what? We're trying it again today!

Keep of Kalessin, "Dark Divinity"


All You Can Eat, "Family Matters"

Long forgotten Bay Area punk band, they put out a couple albums in the early 90s and then disappeared. I'd characterize their sound as, uh, early 90s Bay Area punk. It's fine, I listened to a ton of these bands at this time and a lot of them were pretty undifferentiated. This band included.

Botanist, "Bacteria"

More Bay Area, uh, tunes? Nature-obsessed black metalers, Botanist uses hammered dulcimer to give a pretty different feel. This is from their latest record, Photosynthesis, which to my ears is leaning in a more epic, kind of cinematic sort of direction. All things considered, if you were considering trying to pick up a taste for black metal (which probably isn't the best of ideas), Botanist wouldn't be a bad choice for a deep dive.

Albert King, "Crosscut Saw"

We've had this tune before, but enjoy again!

Matthew Sweet, "Feel Fear"

As someone who loves Girlfriend, it's kind of strange that I haven't really followed Matthew Sweet more than I have. 100% Fun is good, and other than those two records, I didn't have any others. But I read some reviews of his 2008 record, Sunshine Lies, and it seemed like people were comparing it to his early 90s work. So I picked it up, and...well, not really. It's fine? But I just want some power pop and some big solos.

Death Grips, "Come Up and Get Me"

Aggressively off-putting, No Love Deep Web is all throbbing noise, shouting, and discordance. The dedication to alienating people goes all the way to the cover, featuring Zach Hill's erect penis with the name of the album written on it. But focus on the antics, and you're going to miss out on a harsh, uncompromising record that is ugly, yes, but ugly for a reason. It's captivating and pretty interesting stuff.

Joshua Buergel
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