Five Songs, 9/13/2021
Five Songs

Five Songs, 9/13/2021

Less Than Jake, "Bridge and Tunnel Authority"

This was a companion piece for Anthem, one of the best Less Than Jake records. They took a bunch of unused material from that record, polished it up, and released it as an extra album. And, honestly, there's not really that much drop off between the two albums. As another set of tunes from their strongest period, it's a welcome addition to the library.

Eef Barzelay, "The Girls Don't Care"

This is from the second Eef Barzelay solo record, when he took some time away from Clem Snide to do his own thing. Of course, as he writes all the stuff for Clem Snide, the difference is mostly academic. This second record in particular finds him returning to pretty big arrangements, and this is essentially a Clem Snide in all but name. As a result, judging it on that basis, it's a solid record in his catalog, although not one of the best.

Negativland, "Announcement"

This is how Escape From Noise, the most normal Negativland record, opens. This track is an absolute gift to radio DJs, because you can use this track to lead in to virtually any unlistenable garbage and get yourself a solid gag. I, personally, used this to lead in to Napalm Death, Conlon Nancarrow, a totally obnoxious Wiseblood track, N.W.A, Merzbow, and many others. It all worked!

Son Volt, "Slow Burn"

Hmm. Doesn't actually work that great with this tune.

Pedro the Lion, "Suspect Fled The Scene"

You know, slow rock or alt-country might be some of the worst things you could use following that track. I'm bummed we squandered such a chance for solid comedy! Damn you, shuffle!

Joshua Buergel
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