Five Songs, 9/12/2021
Five Songs

Five Songs, 9/12/2021

fIREHOSE, "Sometimes"

I know I bang on the drum every time fIREHOSE comes up, but I don't care: it's such a shame that people didn't seem to give them a fair shake after the Minutemen. This is such a good tune! This album is really good (If'n)! fIREHOSE's first three albums are all flat-out great.

Mogwai, "Heard About You Last Night"

Compare this to the Radiohead track from yesterday. Yeah, both contemplative, almost meditative. Plenty of space in both compositions. But this one feels like it has a point, like it's going somewhere, not just an unfocused noodle.

The Aquabats!, "Chemical Bomb!"

I adore when the trumpet comes in on this tune, it's a really well-chosen moment. The "la la la la la" chorus is also a charmer.

Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell, "Ain't No Mountain High Enough"

This is the original recording, from 1967, although it would later be recorded by others, most notably by Diana Ross. I never really say too much about the soul classics that show up here, because I just assume that other people spent plenty of their childhoods hearing these tunes on oldies stations and the like. But that's likely just me! Anyway, great tune! Great performance! Motown was pretty good at this stuff!

Elite Beat, "Nook Lyfe"

So, what do I call this? Dub funk? Maybe? I guess it's more dub than anything else, but there's some real funk going on here too. Anyway, good stuff. Here at Five Songs International, that's a real endorsement!

Joshua Buergel
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