Five Songs, 9/11/2021
Five Songs

Five Songs, 9/11/2021

The True Loves, "Kabuki"

Soul band from beautiful Seattle, this was one of those occasional finds from when I found myself trapped in a vehicle without Bluetooth and heard something good on KEXP. (Specifically, a U-Haul I was driving from Kingston to Bainbridge Island.) It's a delight, of course, and I wish I had some way other than just serendipity to find something like this. Oh well!

The Slackers, "And I Wonder?"

In my mind, The Question is my least favorite Slackers album. I'm not really sure at this point exactly why. I adored Redlight (it's still one of my favorite ska records), and I was super geeked for the follow-up. And something about it didn't quite sit right with me. And I just kind of didn't listen to it much and filed it away. It's not that I fell off the band, mind you. The next studio record, Wasted Days, is ALSO one of my favorite ska records. I still eagerly buy everything they put out, love a bunch of their records, have seen them multiple times...but I've never really gone back to try this album again. Just one of those blind spots. I should really fix that!

The White Stripes, "The Denial Twist"

My second favorite White Stripes song (after "Ball and Biscuit" on Elephant). There's seomthing about the spare arrangement, the urgent rhythm, Jack White's inspired vocal performance that all adds up to just a tremendous song.

Boss Hog, "Go Wrong"

The second Boss Hog record found the band still wallowing in the murk, with the primordial blues-rock still kind of bubbling away without a lot of clear direction. But I have to say, this kind of swampy mess sounds pretty good, especially with that sax solo.

Radiohead, "Glass Eyes"


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