Five Songs, 9/10/2021
Five Songs

Five Songs, 9/10/2021

Pop Will Eat Itself, "Bulletproof!"

After the anarchic fun of Cure For Sanity, which got some popular attention particularly on dance floors, their followup (The Looks or the Lifestyle) came out the next year trying to cash in on the popularity. But while there was a surface similarity, it all felt kind of pro-forma. Lots of chanting, repetitive lyrics gestured at being anthems, but nothing really lands on the record, and it should really be ignored.

The Wedding Present, "Lead"

We just had a song from Going, Going... the other day, didn't we? Good record! I wonder if I should have tagged albums in this thing? I'm sure as hell not going back to do it now!

They Might Be Giants, "Hate The Villainelle"

This is a Dial-a-Song tune that did end up on a later album, but this is a slightly different version. Not that anybody besides me really cares, mind you.

Why yes, I am wearing a TMBG t-shirt as I write this, how did you know?

Cloud Nothings, "The Echo of the World"

From 2018's Last Burning Building is a big album, recorded to sound particularly epic, and it succeeds at that objective. Cloud Nothings usually evolve their sound a lot from record to record, and it can be hard to pin them down exactly. It's a good record! I recommend it!

Earth, Wind & Fire, "Reasons"

Ooooooh, damn, got real sexy in here. That's it, y'all, enjoy!

Joshua Buergel
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