Five Songs, 9/9/2021
Five Songs

Five Songs, 9/9/2021

Mission of Burma, "Red"

Signals, Calls, and Marches, the 1981 debut EP from Mission of Burma, is one of the foundational texts of what was known as college rock and eventually became indie rock. It's a touchstone that many, many following bands would evoke and echo. It's not really punk, not really post-punk, certainly not hardcore, but has parts of all those sounds. Mission of Burma would release this and an album in their original incarnation, and then unexpectedly pop up 22 years later with a new run of three (excellent) albums.

Paris Combo, "Mais Que Fait la NASA?"

I'm not going to insult anybody's intelligence by translating that and pretending I just knew it with my three years of high school French from three decades ago.

Electric Guest, "This Head I Hold"

This is an example of Electric Guest kind of crossing over from their electro-funk and pop sounds into something that really almost sounds like soul. It's a fine tune, and a nice example of their versatility.

Hüsker Dü, "Girl Who Lives On Heaven Hill"

Got some real 80s vibes today! New Day Rising is, pound for pound, the best Hüsker Dü record in my opinion. We just had Grant Hart the other day, and this is one of his tunes for the original band, and it's fantastic stuff. Hüsker Dü was very much a partnership.

New Bomb Turks, "Let's Dress Up The Naked Truth"

From the majestic !!Destroy-Oh-Boy!!, one of the finest garage punk records ever recorded, this whole thing is just wall-to-wall yelling, echoing drums, and knuckle-dragging riffs. I cannot recommend it highly enough.

Joshua Buergel
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