Five Songs, 9/16/2022
Five Songs

Five Songs, 9/16/2022

Hoover, "Electrolux"

Hoover were a post-hardcore band with a single album on Discord in 1993 along with a few singles. There are a lot of forgotten gems in the Discord catalog, with albums getting overshadowed by the more famous releases on the label. Fugazi's In On The Kill Taker released in 1993, for instance, which I think is the best post-hardcore record ever made. So it's easy to see how this thing might not get noticed. And, yes, there is plenty of influence here from Fugazi. But, hell, that's not a bad way to take your cues. There's a little Drive Like Jehu here also, so yeah, this is good stuff.

The Pollyseeds, "Chef E Dubble"

The Pollyseeds are Terrace Martin's band, merging jazz and hip-hop in ways that make sense given the rest of his career. He's worked with artists like Herbie Hancock as well as Kendrick Lamar, so if that pairing sounds interesting, you should check this record out.

Prefuse 73, "Back in Time"

We're just merging hip-hop with things all over the place today!

Isaac Hayes, "Walk On By"

And now we're on the flip side of it, with a stone-cold classic soul track from Isaac Hayes that's been sampled roughly a billion times, maybe most notably on Biggie's "Warning". But as with most of these frequently sampled songs, they're still bangers when listened to in context. Hayes is a true titan.

They Might Be Giants, "Piece of Dirt"

I love most records in TMBG's catalog, but more than any other, Lincoln holds a special place to me for its ability to transport me back to happy times in high school. Admittedly, those happy times are mostly sitting in my basement screwing around on the computer, so it's not like these are super distant happy times. Nevertheless, I cherish that sort of transportation.

Joshua Buergel
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