Five Songs, 9/17/2022
Five Songs

Five Songs, 9/17/2022

They Might Be Giants, "Particle Man (Live)"

Honestly, the reason for me to listen to The Flood Show is mostly for the in-between song banter.

Urge Overkill, "Eggs"

Urge Overkill were a band out of Chicago that were doing big hard rock moves ironically, and in the early 90s, that was enough to attract attention. They would eventually mutate the ironic rock stuff to just sincere rock stuff, end up on a major label, and carve out a career being rock stars at a time when rock stars didn't much look like rock stars. Or something.

But before all that, they released a few albums in the underground which were noisier than what they'd become famous for. As was the trend at the time, Touch & Go released the first two albums on CD, throwing in a single (which gives us this tune) to boot. Those CD releases were seen as necessary for generating demand for the format, figuring there was no way they'd be able to get people to go for it otherwise. However, for someone getting into this stuff for the first time, there were some screaming deals from these things.

Handsome Boy Modeling School, "Modeling Sucks"

Handsome Boy Modeling School is Dan the Automator and Prince Paul, working with a bunch of guest artists. It's about half instrumental hip-hop and half with guest MCs, but given the pedigree of the producers, it's no surprise that it's all great. I think I prefer this album, the first, but both are excellent.

On this track, you get to hear the inspiration for the name of the band, which comes from the old Chris Elliot sitcom Get a Life.

Barrett Strong, "Money (That's What I Want)"

This is from Motown's early years, the first real hit for the label in 1960. And you can certainly understand why it did well, given those verses. Fantastic stuff.

Isaiah Rashad, "Free Lunch"

Oh, one of the original "how did I get this" artists! But you can read the tag to catch up on that if you want (you should not bother).

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