Five Songs, 9/19/2023
Five Songs

Five Songs, 9/19/2023

Lollipop, "7 and 7 Is"

There's a real danger in over-intellectualizing a lot of rock. Something like this, pure garage punk, run on attitude, energy, and racket. That's not to suggest it's poorly constructed, or that Lollipop didn't know what they were doing, or anything like that. They knew what kind of music they wanted to make, and they were very good at it. It's just that deconstructing this further is a waste of time. Can you feel the energy? Does it get you amped up? Does it make you want to throw a chair through a window? Mission accomplished!

Buford O'Sullivan, "Running On"

Buford O'Sullivan is a fixture of the New York ska scene, showing up in a bunch of bands and lending them some trombone. His main gig is one of the leaders of the Scofflaws, where he did some songwriting and sang some tracks. This is from one of his solo records, although most of the ska folks didn't really make solo records so much as just remixed their backing bands. But these are all songs he wrote, which is the main distinction. To a certain extent, you'll know right away if you're interested in this album knowing it's written by one of the leaders of the Scofflaws. If you don't know from that, go listen to some Scofflaws (Ska In Hi-Fi is their best record) and if you want more, here you go. But if you want a distinction, I think this record is generally a bit dubbier than the Scofflaws were, in case that appeals.

The Dillinger Escape Plan, "Apologies Not Included"

This is from the Dillinger Escape Plan's swan song, Dissociation. Over the course of six albums, they helped redefine what hardcore and mathcore could be, with relentlessly restless records that had both a very intelligent but also incredibly aggressive approach. They can be a bit disorienting at first, they are quite a kaleidoscope of approaches and sounds, but it really does all make sense when you listen to it a bit more. A ground-breaking and impressive band.

Clannad, "Closer To Your Heart"

How 80's is this production?

Spring Heeled Jack, "Alicia Silverstone"


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