Five Songs, 9/20/2023
Five Songs

Five Songs, 9/20/2023

Charles Mingus, "Goodbye Pork Pie Hat"

Ladies and gentlement, the pilot has illuminated the "JOSH IS NOT QUALIFIED TO TALK ABOUT JAZZ" light, please return to your social media app of choice and return your seats to the upright and locked position.

Boris, "Hama"

Amplifier Worship is the first studio album from Boris if you ask them, because they consider Absolute Go a single. It's a 60-minute single, mind you, but it's still a single as far as they're concerned, so this is the first album. And it's a banger, the first in a very long string of fantastic albums. I'm not sure Boris really redfined anything, or set a template for other bands to follow or anything. They're just consistently great across decades. That's all.

Monsula, "Abandoned"

We just had Monsula the other day, so I won't rehash them. But it's a pleasure to hear them again! Also, the production on this reads SO California to me. Samiam sounds exactly the same way, for example. Production really can change how we percieve a band so much, or place them in a scene or at a time. It can place a band within a greater context, giving the music just that much more import.

Swarvy, "All Ways"

Just roll the name "Swarvy" around in your head some. Sounds good, doesn't it? "Swarvy." Good name.

La Gritona, "Pigs Ass"

You know, sometimes this shit just lines up nice. Good day today all around.

Joshua Buergel
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