Five Songs, 9/23/2022
Five Songs

Five Songs, 9/23/2022

Propagandhi, "Laplante/Smith Song (Live)"

Where Quantity Is Job #1 is really an excellent title for a comp like this. Also, dig those Canadian accents!

Beck, "The Golden Age"

A little while back, we talked about Party Beck vs. Sad Beck. Please enjoy (?) peak Sad Beck here.

BADBADNOTGOOD, "Time Moves Slow"

I love the skittering drums here, they're making me kind of jittery just listening to them. BADBADNOTGOOD, out of Toronto, sit somewhere between funk/soul, hip-hop, and jazz, putting out records that cheerfully wander back-and-forth between the genres as their muses take them. As anybody who has been reading Five Songs for any length of time can guess, that's extremely up our alley around here.

Hey, there's a record from them I don't have!

Boris, "Away From You"

It's tracks like this one (the lead track of Love & Evol, the dual-EP release Boris put out in 2019) that make Boris so hard to categorize. This isn't just a one-off goof or anything, they'll sprinkle pretty things like this through their records, and they do it well enough that you have to take it into account when describing them. But it's essentially impossible, as they're really four or so bands: a shoegaze band, a doom metal band, a noise band, and an experimental metal band. At least four bands, actually.

Public Enemy, "66.6 Strikes Again"

This is, of course, an echo of "Incident at 66.6 FM" from Fear of a Black Planet, which mostly just makes me want to go listen to that record instead.

Joshua Buergel
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