Five Songs, 9/24/2022
Five Songs

Five Songs, 9/24/2022

Don Caballero, "The Irrespective Dick Area"

Don Caballero came back after a six year absence with Damon Che once again leading things from his drum kit. This is the second of the studio records from this configuration, and while good, it doesn't really reach the heights of previous Don Cab records. The pyrotechnics can be pretty fun to listen to, though.

David Bowie, "Suffragette City"

Maybe my most listened to Bowie song - either this or "Space Oddity", probably. Why? Because both are available in Rock Band, so I've played them a bunch.

No, you're a loser!

Eef Barzelay, "Thanksgiving Waves"

I feel like I've given the "Eef Barzelay released a couple abums under this own name before going back to recording as Clem Snide" talk many times. So I don't need to...hang on, I did it again.

Serpent Column, "Violence Aesthete"

A thing that I always enjoy about this project is when we get contrasts like this. This song and the previous one are both music made with guitars, and while I suppose the Barzelay tune is more from a folk tradition than rock, they're still at least somewhat related. It's like how chihuahuas and Great Danes are related.

Calexico, "Quattro (World Drifts In)"

Yeah, or this. Sorry for the whiplash today! I'm enjoying it, though. Welcome to the inside of my head.

Joshua Buergel
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